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Sanken Shotgun Microphones


CS-1e the newly improved short shotgun microphone
based on the popular CS-1

The CS-1e is a remarkably directional microphone, designed to meet the demands of today’s streamlined video and film production. This new Sanken model features a longer pickup reach, extended low frequency response and significantly lower noise.With a length of only 7”, the lightweight CS-1e is easily handheld, mounted on a boom pole or concealed on the new smaller camera bodies.
Performance is consistent with the renowned Sanken shotguns that have gained worldwide popularity among top professionals. Very sharp directivity guarantees a targeted sound while eliminating unwanted background noise.
The CS-1e’s extremely rugged design and
unique components assure optimum
resistance to humidity and adverse temperature
changes. A variety of windscreens and shock-mounting options provide versatility in the field. By
delivering exceptional audio throughout the entire sonic spectrum, the CS-1e is the ideal microphone for seasoned operators as well as the new generation of independent producers, videographers and filmmakers.

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image2 CS-2 Shotgun Microphone

The newest model in Sanken’s comprehensive
shotgun microphone line offers extended reach
in a standard length mic via the company’s
unique audio tube length and proprietary
rectangular diaphragm design. As a result, a rich
natural tone is produced throughout the
frequency spectrum, emulating the operation of
much longer shotgun microphones.

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image2 NEW! CSR-2 Switchable Rear Rejection Shotgun Microphone

A long-reach, highly directional shotgun microphone with switchable rear rejection in a standard 10” (170 mm) length, 0.66" (22 mm) diameter, compact 6 oz (170 g) housing.

The Sanken CSR-2 combines the long acoustic tube and proprietary rectangular capsule design of the CS-2 for super-sharp directivity with the unique switchable rejection of the mid and low frequency range on the side and rear as known from the industry standard CS-3e. In the "rear rejection off" position, the microphone provides a wider image and a warmer room tone.

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pix2 CS-3e Mono Shotgun Microphone

Extended low frequency response and high directivity over a wide frequency spectrum, especially below 500Hz. Excellent for noisy environments. Low proximity effect.

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pis2 CSS-5 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

With 3 modes (mono, stereo and wide) for a wide array of applications in location and studio recording. Mono mode provides high directivity over a wide frequencey spectrum, especially below 500Hz. Excellent for noisy environments. Low proximity effect.

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üix2 CMS-10 Switchable Stereo/Mono Shotgun Microphone

Includes camera mount, ideal for HDTV digital camcorders.

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pix WMS-5 Surround Shotgun Microphone

As the newest model in a comprehensive line of highest qualitymicrophones for audio recording, HDTV broadcast and film, the breakthrough Sanken WMS-5 is the world’s first 5-channel Surround microphone in one mic body. Utilizing extensive M-S stereo research conducted in conjunction with NHK, the WMS-5 is the ideal microphone for on
location multichannel audio recording. The WMS-5 delivers realistic Surround sound with minimal setup time, and is easily mounted on the camera, boom pole, or
pistol grip. Sanken’s WMS-5 delivers reliable, phase coherent 5-channel sound with 5 discrete output signals.

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