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SANKEN Introduces the NEW CS-2

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SANKEN Introduces the NEW CS-2

| News, Sanken | May 14, 2010

Long Reach Shotgun Mic with Rich, Natural Tone

Tokyo, Japan, May, 2010 – Sanken Microphone Co. has announced the introduction of a new shotgun microphone, the CS-2, which captures distant sound with an amazingly rich and natural tone.
A much longer gradient tube in a mic of this overall size boosts the reach and directivity within a standard length microphone.
This newest model in the Sanken line provides highest quality sound at a very competitive price.


The CS-2 achieves supersharp directivity with a 120mm (4.75”) long acoustic tube in a standard 250 mm (10”) length / 19mm (3/4″) diameter body.
Optimum audio capture is achieved by means of the proprietary Sanken rectangular capsule, a unique and innovative design that provides greater diaphragm surface area.

A clear sound with greater directivity and extended reach over much longer distances makes the CS-2 ideal for a wide range of applications, such as outdoor location sound, interviews, sports, drama, variety shows, and many more.
The resulting sound is consistent throughout the day in a wide variety of environments and changing climatic conditions.

A new Sanken feature, the “high boost switch,” compensates for the attenuation of high frequencies when the mic is used with a windscreen/windjammer for outdoor use. As a result, the full, natural sound is maintained.

The light 110g (less than 4 oz) weight of the CS-2 makes it ideal for boom operation.

The new CS-2 will be available after May 20, 2010 through selected Sanken Field Microphone Dealers at a suggest retail price of US $1150.

Press Contact: David Goggin – 323-465-5637 mrbonzai@mrbonzai.com

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