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Brainstorm Electronics

After designing several accessories for tape machines and recording consoles, we saw the need for time code solutions and a whole product line followed, including time code generators, reshapers, distributors and analyzers. Today, our Time Code Distripalyzer is a standard in many major post-production facilities. A few years ago, our focus moved to digital clocks.

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LMC Sound

LMC Sound creates useful audio accessories for the motion picture and television industries. Vampire Clips and mounts for Sanken COS-11 and other lavalier microphone brands. DEALERS PRODUCT INFORMATION PRICE SHEET

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Sanken Chromatic Series of Professional Studio Microphones Seven professional Sanken Chromatic mics that deliver your sound and capture the performance to perfection. These unique mics are designed for studio recording engineers, musicians, producers and sound designers who demand the highest level of transparent, accurate, and natural sounding recordings. Learn more including product information, support and

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DAD – Digital Audio Denmark

Pristine AD and DA converters with superb sonic quality, versatile I/O structure and IP Audio via Layer 3 Ethernet. Up-to 48 analogue audio channels and a flexible digital signal interface, routing and distribution structure. 8 AES3 I/O interfaces; MADI coax and optical; 64 channel interface for ProTools (TM); Ethernet IP audio interface for 64 I/O

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Marian Digital Audio Electronics

In the field of digital audio electronics, Marian has been successfully developing professional solutions for more than 10 years. DEALERS PRODUCT INFORMATION PRICE SHEET

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Sommer Cable

Is it the cable? Like many musicians we took our first musical steps in small home studios or as a member of a village band – and even back then we were surprised at the results, when for example low budget jack plugs on the analog synthesizer were replaced by good metal plugs. Then suddenly,

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