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Sanken Dealers

Sanken Dealers

plus24 distributes Sanken Studio, Lavalier, Shotgun and Head Worn Microphones in the US, Canada and Latin America. Check out the Sanken Chromatic, or the Sanken Production and Live site links below to find local dealers.

Sanken Chromatic Microphone Dealers

Sanken ChromaticThe 7 professional Sanken Chromatic mics for music recording can be purchased from a select set of dealers in N. America listed on the Sanken Chromatic website…
Sanken Chromatic Dealers: sankenchromatic.com/about-us/#buy

Sanken Production & Live Microphones Dealers

Sanken Production and LiveThe range of Sanken Production and Live microphones, including lavaliers, head worn, boundary and shotgun microphones are available from a wide selection of local dealers throughout the Americas. A full listing can be found on the Sanken Production website…
Sanken Production and Live Microphone Dealers: sankenmicrophones.com/buy