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Nathaniel Kunkel Acquires Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock

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Nathaniel Kunkel Acquires Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock

| Brainstorm, News | March 27, 2007

Grammy and Emmy Award–winning engineer/producer Nathaniel Kunkel (pictured) has chosen the new Brainstorm Electronics DCD-8 word clock distripalyzer to serve as the master clock for his entire recording studio. Kunkel’s collection of recording gear is also entirely mobile, dubbed by Kunkel on the road as his “Studio Without Walls.” Kunkel’s credits include Sting, James Taylor, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Keane and B.B. King.

Pictured in his Los Angeles recording studio is engineer/producer Nathaniel Kunkel with the Brainstorm DCD-8 word clock distripalyzer. Photo by David Goggin.

“The DCD-8 is clocking all the I/Os of my Pro Tools system, my TC Electronic M6000s, my Lynx Aurora A/D and D/A converters—basically anything that is digital with an external clock input,” Kunkel explains. “I needed a word clock generator/distributor with enough outputs to drive all of my equipment, run at 192k and sound really good. I haven’t heard anything else that provides the feature set and sound quality of the Brainstorm. This is a great sounding clock, perhaps the best I’ve ever heard.”

Designed for operations ranging from recording studios to large post-production houses and major broadcast facilities, the DCD-8 offers a comprehensive package for all clocking needs. It features two separate generators capable of generating two rates simultaneously, assigned to any of eight word clock outputs. It also operates as an audio router and format converter, and each unit can be linked via a single cable for further expansion.

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