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IZ Corp (RADAR) supports SR-8000

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IZ Corp (RADAR) supports SR-8000

| Brainstorm, News | June 03, 2005

“The new Brainstorm “SR-8000 Remote” perfectly interfaces with the RADAR via MIDI Machine Control. The SR-8000 can control one video master machine via Sony serial 9 Pin protocol and up to eight devices via MIDI Machine Control. The SR-8000 adds complete transport control including 100 locator points, pre and post roll, auto punch, ADR beeps, auto store, rehearse mode, jog shuttle and track arming capabilities to the Radar. In this combination, the Radar becomes a great tool for Post Production and ADR. We highly recommend the SR-8000 in combination with the Radar for this purpose”.

Barry Henderson, President & CEO,
iZ Technology Corporation
240 – 109 Braid St., New Westminster BC, V3L 5H4
Phone: 604-395-7878, Fax: 604-395-7888
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